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Pressure forming applications have been rapidly increasing mainly for two reasons. First, the process can match the cosmetics of injection molded parts and get them to market quickly without high mold costs and the long lead-times associated with injection molding. Secondly, the process is also being utilized to improve and or upgrade parts that have been traditionally vacuum-formed. You can achieve better detail on the mold surface of the sheet, hold closer tolerances,and have better material distribution and less residual stress when compared to standard thermoforming.

Pressure forming enables designers to achieve high end products with sharp, crisp lines, zero radii and even zero or negative draft angles. Engineers can include undercuts, flanges, ribs and louvers in their designs and still be assured that the final products detail will be kept. Pressure forming provides aesthetic appearances, structural integrity and more design flexibility when solving part detail dilemmas.
This process of thermoforming typically uses female molds; these molds can have multiple textures, smooth areas and even company logos all on the same mold if required. If the final product requires definition on the inside, the mold would need to be male. For these reasons converting designs from other processes can be economically advantageous.