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Twin sheet forming is a process of vacuum and compression forming two sheets of plastic simultaneously with a separate mold on the top platen and a separate mold on the bottom platen. Once each plastic sheet has been molded they remain in the molds and while both sheets are still at their forming temperatures; the two molds are brought together under high pressures and the two sheets are bonded wherever the mold design dictates. This will result with one single product with hollow areas: no secondary bonding process is needed. Application specific to material type and gauge, components may be inserted into the interior of the part during this forming process.

The twin sheet process creates 3-dimensional parts with formed features on both sides. The parts are typically very strong, rigid and lightweight. Twin sheet parts can also be filled with rigid foam. Typical applications include: pallets, industrial dunnage, portable toilets, medical housings, surfboards, air/ventilation ducts, electrical enclosures, recreational boats, toys, marine products, doors, spine boards and numerous automotive products.