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MAAC Machinery Corporation - The World's Leader in Thermoforming Machines

Did you know MAAC has over 2,000 machines in operation worldwide?

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MAAC designs and builds custom thermoforming machinery in both Shuttle and Rotary configurations. Each model has over 300 application specific, subassembly component options that may be integrated into the final product. MAAC will utilize your application specific requirements to compile and furnish exact machine specifications.


With all MAAC systems designed for specified cycle times, our thermoforming systems are noted to exceed production rates of competitive machines. Furthermore, our long-standing reputation for quality, longevity, training and service remain the industry’s benchmark.

MAAC Facilities

MAAC’s major investment in new facilities and manufacturing systems have given us the lowest manufacturing costs and the shortest delivery times in the industry.

Machines Worldwide

MAAC Machines are installed in 6 different continents, 27 different countries and 39 different states throughout the U.S.A.

History of MAAC

MAAC was founded by Paul V. Alongi in 1982. MAAC’s motorized platen design equipment quickly brought us to the forefront of the industry. With our aquisition of Comet Industries in 1996 and the CAM Corporation in 1998; all three generations of designs are now incorporated into an outstanding 4th generation product.

The MAAC Team

MAAC’s world famous application engineering staff has over 50 years of combined thermoforming machinery design experience. Are you looking for the most efficient operation? The fastest cycle times? Quicker mold changeover times? Call us today and let’s discuss your specific application.

Career Opportunities

We are very interested if you have any kind of thermoforming machinery manufacturing background. We are also very interested in anyone who has thermoforming knowledge or has been working within the industry. Send us your resume today; we will be sure to handle it with complete confidentiality. MAAC is an equal opportunity employer.

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