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MAAC’s brand new corporate world headquarters is conveniently located just 15 miles from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Our custom built, brand new, flexible manufacturing headquarters is the model of efficiency in plant designs.

The new plant provides enough space to hold 47 rotary machines while featuring additional office space, a 35 student training room, a closed area room for part prototyping, a separate painting booth, an overhead crane, and side loading docks.

MAAC’s new facility is without a doubt the latest “state of the art” manufacturing plant in the industry. Our floor has been laser machine leveled within one sixteenth of an inch, our machines are strategically positioned by our CAD system, and our overhead crane, steel racks, and machine shop are purposely located to facilitate product flow. This superior manufacturing system allows MAAC to lead the industry with start to finish delivery times as low as four weeks!

In addition to manufacturing, our plant is also setup to operate 12 electric machines and 2 natural gas machines for purposes of quality assurance, training, prototyping and production speed part runoff demonstrations; making MAAC a complete thermoforming center for better service, faster deliveries, and the most cost effective machinery.