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MAAC’s design heritage was born by the Chicago, Illinois based Comet Industries. Started by Bob Kostur in the early 1950’s, Comet developed and named what is known today as the standard thermoforming sequence techniques. Comet’s thermoforming machines commanded 75% of the US market place up to 1970. Comet pioneered and wrote the design standards for motorized platens, gas & electric ovens, fully automatic sequencing, all aluminum clamp frame, pressure forming and twin sheet pressure forming.

In 1978, Chicago also became home to Central Automated Machinery. Central Automated Machinery, also known as CAM, manufactured a second generation Chicago style line of thermoforming machinery in Elgin, Illinois.

With a vision of offering the thermoforming industry a better machine, Paul V. Alongi founded MAAC Machinery in Union, IL in 1982. MAAC’s approach to building a standard 3rd generation Chicago style machine with a similar motorized platen design quickly made us the fastest growing U.S. manufacturer of sheet fed thermoforming machinery.

Since 1982, MAAC has moved facilities four times and consolidated all three Chicago based machinery manufacturers under one roof. In 1996 MAAC acquired Comet Industries and in 1998 MAAC acquired the CAM Corporation. With these two strategic acquisition all three generations of designs could now be incorporated into an outstanding 4th generation product.

Today MAAC operates under the same ownership and business practices that brought us to the forefront of the thermoforming industry. Our increased size and major investment in new facilities and manufacturing systems have given us the lowest manufacturing costs and shortest delivery times in the industry. Furthermore, our long-standing reputation for quality, longevity, training and service remain the industry’s benchmark.