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MAAC Machinery Corporation - The World's Leader in Thermoforming Machines

New equipment with it's corresponding technology is the industrial thermoformer's greatest asset and certainly the engine that drives competition.


“The Most Technically Advanced Machines with the Fastest Delivery Times”

MAAC builds three standard types of machinery for the thermoforming industry: Thermoforming Machines, Pressure Forming Machines and Twin Sheet Pressure Forming Machines. MAAC also designs and manufactures specialty machines for the automotive industry as well as custom made to order machines.

MAAC machine sizes range from as small as 2’x 2’ and as large as 25’x 20’. With an unlimited amount of machine sizes to choose from and over 300 application specific options available to integrate; every one of MAAC’s machines are purposely built around your specific applications and production needs. Machine prices start out as low as $35,000 and can go to as high as $1,900,000. We can, will, and do build machines for every thermoformer’s needs. We welcome you to browse our machines section and we highly encourage you to contact us prior to launching your next thermoforming project.


MAAC Thermoformers

Our mainstay, top of the line thermoforming machines designed for OEM applications and the most savvy process engineers.


Comet Thermoformers

Our newest and most cost effective thermoforming machine lineup; including everything you need and nothing you don’t.


Pressure Formers

High pressure forming machines featuring the highest definition of detail.


Twin Sheet Formers

Specialty equipment for producing three dimensional parts utilizing two sheets of material.


Automotive OEM

Specialty equipment for the automotive OEM including laminating, in mold grain (negative vacuum forming), IMG-L (in mold grain laminating) and compression forming machines.



If you can’t find it in any of the other sections; perhaps you can find it here.


Prototyping / R&D

Plug and play Single Station machines for small part production, research, development and prototyping purposes.