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MAAC Model

MAAC Model ASP is a 30”x 36” Single-Station Thermoforming Machine that is very popular for small part production, R & D and prototyping purposes. MAAC has been building our ASP machine for over 30 years now and it has proven to be bulletproof. Today our ASP machines are pumping out parts for companies that are in the: automotive, aircraft, communications, display, computer, speaker, bicycle, marine, case and RV industries. These machines have also sold well to companies and Universities that need a versatile, low maintenance machine for both R&D and prototyping purposes. The machine is very compact, very easy to use, very reliable, and is designed with today’s most advanced heat transfer technology so you can form parts in industry leading cycle times.

Machine Configurations: MAAC Model ASP

  • Single Station (S)

    Single Station (S)

    Material is loaded and unloaded in the form station.