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MAAC Machinery Active in SPE Thermoforming Division’s Machinery Grant Program

By Vanessa Del Gallo
12th January 2012

After nearly ten years of participation in the SPE Thermoforming Division’s Matching Grant Program, MAAC Machinery is proud to continue the tradition of academic support to our next generation of students. The SPE Grant Program is an excellent way for MAAC to support thermoforming education by offering matching discounts for new equipment. In addition to grant money awarded by the SPE Thermoforming Division, MAAC Machinery offers up to a $10,000 matching educational grant to allow colleges and universities the ability to learn and study on production type equipment.

MAAC has been building thermoforming machines for over 25 years. Our machines are seen as the most cutting edges; and are being used by colleges and universities that need a versatile, low maintenance machine for prototyping, research and development, or even full scale production and most importantly furthering education. Our ASP model machine is very compact, easy to use, reliable, and is designed with today’s most advanced heat transfer technology so you can form parts in industry leading cycle times using touch screen PLC controls. Our goal is to have students enter the industry with some real world experience.

MAAC is proud to have contributed to the grant programs for many colleges and universities throughout the country, to name a few: Illinois State University, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Millersville University, University of Alabama-Birmingham, California State University-Chico, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Central Connecticut State University, San Jose State University, Gettysburg High School, North Carolina Center for Engineering Technology, Eastern Washington University, UCLA-School of Architecture and Design, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Auburn University, and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Some of these universities have now developed and added full classroom or school programs to their course offerings. Some have also created seminars and research and development programs available to our industry, which helps our current thermoforming industry professionals further their own growth and development.

For more information on MAAC’s educational grant program, the SPE Thermoforming Division or any of MAAC’s technology, please email us at