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Do your clampframe changeovers take less than 5 minutes per station?

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Do your clampframe changeovers take less than 5 minutes per station? Take a look at these advantages:

  • Clampframe changes take less than 5 minutes per station!
  • NO TOOLS are required for any part of the adjustment!
  • Clampframe positions can be documented and returned to the exact position the next time the product is run!
  • Lightweight and cost effective when compared to competing systems!
  • The sheet is gripped on a single plane; there is no offset in the corners!
  • Standard MAAC clampframe components: cylinders and extrusion can be interchanged with our standard frames!
  • No need to purchase, store or replace clampframes for different sheet sizes.

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The major benefit of MAAC’s Edge Clamp Frame system is the need for less material to be clamped. MAAC’s system requires that only 3/8” of material be held, compared to the 1” to 1-1/2” on competitive systems. This translates into significant material savings for the user, average of 4% to 12%, but as high as 20% in some cases. This sheet size reduction also results in cost savings associated with material trimming, regrind, transporting and storage, not to mention labor, energy and maintenance required to carry out those functions. MAAC’s Clamp Frame is constructed of aluminum rather than steel, which helps the system absorb and dissipate heat better and faster. As another benefit, this durable unit requires no maintenance. The heavy-duty aluminum clamps offer maximum holding power, keeping the plastic sheet in place and ensuring that precise forming tolerances are met while maintaining repeatability.


We have over 30 different systems that have been developed to help thermoformers save time and money, while giving maximum flexibility. Below are some of the common application specific special clamp frames:
Comet Style, Articulating, Vertical, Back to Back Vertical, Collapsing, Floating, Fixed Corner, Flush Mounted, 3D, Slip Sheet, Sag Inducing, Sag Eliminating, Spring Loaded, Gripping Pin, and specially Reinforced clamp frames designed for the largest machines. If you have any clampframe challenges or problems, CALL US, we are here to solve them!